Michael DeMartino
Senior Information Technology Executive

“Excellence is never an accident......."

 It is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities

" There is nothing quite so useless and an elegant solution to a problem that does not exist"

"The user is our Customer and is the reason IT exists.  We must be dedicated to customer success"

"Our customer focus & partnership must be one of our highest priorities"

"IT's added value is measured by our ability to improve Customer productivity, efficiency and profitability"

"Never under-estimate the customer’s need, his intelligence, or his ability to find an alternative for our services"

"It is much easier to retain a customer’s respect than it is to regain it once that respect is lost"

"Our credibility, value, and success is determined by customer perception and opinion"

Q:  Do you think IT in general sufferers from a credibility issue in the eyes of the business?
A:  Yes and IT's credibility issue is of it own doing.  IT must meet commitments of quality, cost and schedule and exceed business expectations.  The days of "best effort" are long gone.  IT is a business, not a black art and "good" is not good enough in a global economy

Q:  What do you think the Vendor/Customer relationship between the business and IT should look like
A:   I reject the concept of IT as a vendor.  A "vendor" sells you peanuts at the ball park.  The peanuts are all the same, they cost the same amount,  and it does not matter who you buy them from .  The vendor only cares about selling you more peanuts regardless of the quality.  I believe in IT as a partner
with the business and this is how I structure and orient my teams.  A partner understands your needs, is invested in mutual success, has ownership in the results and shares the risks and rewards.  IT must be a partner with the business in order to bring value

Q:  Can IT, as a service provider, really bring significant value to the business?
A:  Service is only one component of the role of IT.  The role of IT is to understand the priorities, goals and objectives of the business and thru ongoing communication, comprehensive  research and analysis, thorough planning, innovative design, proven technologies, sound management principals, and continuous process improvement,  deliver tangible solutions that contribute to the operational and financial success of the business.

Q:  There is a great deal of responsibility that is placed on the shoulders of IT today.  Is this fair?
A:  Its not the responsibility that is the issue.  It is Accountability.  Accountability is responsibility plus authority.  IT organizations should be anxious to be held accountable for their contribution to the business.  But in order for the business to be comfortable granting a level of authority, there must be confidence and trust and that is only achieved by sustained performance over time.

Q:   Is it practical to believe that IT can be a mission driven organization?
A:   Without a doubt!  I believe the Mission of IT  is to optimize company performance and competitive edge by providing high quality solutions, services, and support, on time, and at the lowest possible cost.

This requires IT to dedicate itself to do the following: 

  • Assure that all technology initiatives are leveraged to support tactical and strategic business objectives.
  • Focus on customer needs and provide leadership and direction assuring the maximum utilization of information technology resources and assets.
  • Facilitate optimal return on all information technology investments.
  • Enable operational productivity by delivering  prompt, reliable, value-added  infrastructure, system, and customer support services
  • Secure and protect the information assets of the company
  • Maintain a bottom line, financial and business oriented perspective at all times
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